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Texas school shooting exposes Democrats’ weakness in Congress

After that Tuesday group shoot At Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, we saw an instant cry for some sort of action on gun control, as we often do after a mass shooting. Instead of seizing the moment, Senate Democrats objected and bury for the holiday weekend, because they don’t have enough votes in their own legislatures to eliminate the exhibitionists, and so 10 Republican votes would be needed to pass any gun safety legislation. Swing vote Sens. Kyrsten CinemaD-Ariz. and Joe ManchinDW.V. said they will reach out to their Republican counterparts, an effort that is absolutely guaranteed to fail.

Rather than seizing the moment, Senate Democrats appealed for a weekend break and took a break.

Here, a mentality that permeates the essence of the Democratic Party is displayed. In general, the party elites seem convinced they don’t deserve to rule, and so they bend over backwards to masquerade as Republicans. They get kicked in the head every time for their problems. Until the party as a whole gets rid of this notion, they have no chance of serious progress on anything they claim to care about.

A more comprehensive example of this learned helplessness mentality can be found in a recent article by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. recently had lunch with President Joe Biden. He correctly concludes that the Republicans’ “first priority is to place candidates who are loyal to Trump and his Big Lie.” This means that they will be willing to “depart from established constitutional rules and norms and give this election to Trump or any other Republican candidate who didn’t actually get the most votes. They don’t whisper this platform. On top of that, they run for office. ”

Still, Friedman is also pessimistic about the Democratic Party, mainly because of what he calls the “ultra-left wing.” According to him, this faction forced the president to pursue “large spending for too long” and “tainted one of Biden’s most important bipartisan achievements – a giant infrastructure bill – by pawning it to other excessive spending demands.”

Friedman goes on to argue that this is the only way to save the American republic by threatening: that is, by fawning over moderate Republicans. “To defeat Trumpism, let’s say we need only 10 percent of Republicans to leave their party and join centre-left Biden,” Friedman says. But if far-left Democrats appear to be determining the future of the party, we may not be able to get even 1 percent of Republicans to change.”

If we look at the facts, Friedman’s statements regarding the latest legislation are complete garbage. The “extreme left” had little to do with Biden’s massive spending package in the form of the American Recovery Plan of March 2021. While some leftists influenced him here and there, most did. directly outside the Democratic Party policy establishment, which also designs other pandemic relief packages. Similarly, the left had nothing to do with the “overspending” that Friedman complained about. The Build Back Better plan was Biden’s own baby, which included much of what was left of his campaign platform (and therefore perhaps a tenth of what Bernie Sanders would try to do as president).

The infrastructure package is not as important as Friedman said. A swamp standard highway bill at the bottom (Backed by the conservative Chamber of Commerce) added a few small goodies. Mitch McConnell voted for itFor Pete’s sake.

Obama was so desperate for a major bipartisan bill to pass that he was willing to trade devastating cuts to Social Security and Medicare for small tax increases on the rich.

But these errors tell. Almost as a matter of religious dogma, Friedman assumes bipartisan reconciliation is the only legitimate way to rule, twisting the facts to fit his narrative. Build Back Better must have been some kind of crazy socialist plan because it didn’t get the support of the Republicans – and the highway bill must have had historical significance around the world because it did. One cannot face the fact that there are no more than a dwindling handful of moderate Republicans, so Friedman has to argue that the 10 percent can somehow be won by punching the Democratic left wing.

Democrats have been hypnotized by the idea for years and have been burned on the spot many times. In 2009, Democrats converted the Recovery Act incentives into tax cuts by roughly one-third. an attempt to win a large number of Republican votes; They have three senators and no representative. Then they burned a valuable congressional majority that allowed Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) months. Shaking ’em with fake bargains; He voted against the bill and even propounded the “death panel” lie about it. Obamacare finally passed none Republican votes. Then, when Democrats were out of the water in the 2010 midterms, Republicans immediately began buying routine government cleaning supplies. keep the government open or raise the debt ceilingpledge to avoid financial apocalypse.

Even after this started to happen, Obama was so desperate for a major bipartisan bill to pass that he was willing to trade. Disruptive cuts to Social Security and Medicare for small tax increases on the rich. (Naturally, the Republican right refused to accept even that tends to a deal and blew it up.)

This attitude has its roots in the history of the older party leadership, which has hardly changed personnel since the mid-2000s. Most came into the political era in the 1980s, during the high tide of Reaganism and the white reaction to the civil rights movement. With the roaring hegemony of neoliberalism and losing the presidency three times in a row, they were convinced the party had to appease the Republicans and their politics to have any chance of winning – especially after Bill Clinton won two terms in the ’90s by parroting Reaganist slogans. “The era of great government is over” (This process involves embracing deregulation, welfare cuts, and free trade. major campaign contributions and comfortable post office consulting jobs or pay talk concerts.)

as Alex Pareene wrote a few years ago“Democrats are generally convinced that no one supports their agenda, and they devote not insignificant time and political capital to explaining to their constituents why they are failing to achieve the goals supported by the majority.”

To be fair, that stance has weakened somewhat in recent years. The American Rescue Plan was adopted by party line vote, without bothering to appeal to Republicans. The Democrats’ young crop is not as weak as their old leadership. But the bilateral fetish isn’t dead either.

In his State of the Union address in January, Biden couldn’t help bragging about the bipartisan highway bill. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in September last year begged: “I’m telling my Republican friends, take your party back. The country needs a big, strong Republican Party.” HE said it again recently: “I want the Republican Party to take back the party where you care about a woman’s right to vote and the environment…. This country needs a strong Republican Party. not a cult.”

The GOP would certainly be fine if it weren’t for a fascist party whose top party conference was held in a coup, whose leader has recently tried to seize power in a coup d’etat. right-wing foreign dictatorshipwhich party propagandists wait as a model For the United States – or where is the same leader at the conference Julius Streicher shared a stage with a graded racist The one who called the Jews “stinking feces”.

But this is actually the Republican Party and The Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC was indeed held in Budapest., where far-right journalist Zsolt Bayer is an honored speaker. Imagining it could be otherwise, or inventing comforting stories about the one-tenth of the party that would explode if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stopped seeking healthcare won’t change anything. The GOP must be defeated, not appeased, and the only possible way to achieve this is for the entire Democratic Party to fight together, just as the party’s left fought for Biden’s agenda.

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