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Questions about ‘help’ become Herschel Walker’s newest issue

Herschel Walker’s background has received a fair amount of scrutiny in recent months, and with good reason. The Georgia Republican is running for the U.S. Senate despite having no meaningful background in government or public service, which makes it even more important to scrutinize his record.

But the problem for Walker is that the closer he looks at one’s personal and professional experiences, the less convincing his candidacy for the first time seems. Associated Press reported The weekend, for example, is the latest in a number of problem areas: Walker took credit for creating a program called Patriotic Support, which provides support for veterans struggling with mental health.

But company documents, court records, and Senate statements reviewed by the Associated Press tell a more complex story. Together, they present a portrait of a famous spokesperson who exaggerates his role in a for-profit program that allegedly hunts veterans and soldiers while defrauding the government.

Eight years ago, Walker competed as a celebrity contestant on a game show and won a $50,000 prize to donate to her chosen charity. She chose Patriot Support, the program she claims she helped create.

In reality, Walker didn’t help create it—he was a paid celebrity spokesperson—and it wasn’t (and isn’t) a charity. This was a program created by Universal Health Services years ago that paid the former football player $331,000 last year.

Complex issues are allegations against the program. from APs report:

A sprawling lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice and nearly two dozen states against Universal Health Services alleges that Patriot Support is part of a broader effort by the company to defraud the government. Prosecutors allege that Universal Health Services and its affiliates are aggressively pushing those with state-sponsored insurance into inpatient mental health services to generate income…. hospitalizing those who don’t need it, according to court records. In other cases, they were unable to discharge those who no longer required hospitalization, according to the DOJ.

Two years ago, Universal Health Services denied the allegations but reached a $122 million settlement with federal prosecutors and a government coalition.

Recall, Walker bragged that he had “started” this program that was not true and was already not worthy of bragging. The Republican later admitted that he didn’t actually create the program, despite previous disputations, but told reporters that Ascend Health launched its Freedom Care program in 2007.

That wasn’t true either.

The combination of false allegations and controversial practices, coupled with the fact that there are so many similar stories in Walker’s past, is an obvious problem for the Senate prospect.

coming back to us previous coverageAssociated Press reported For example, last summer, Walker’s record includes “exaggerated claims of financial success” and “unpredictable behavior” and a history of worrying business partners. Published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a relevant report In March, highlighting false claims, lawsuits, and outstanding loans as part of Walker’s private sector background.

Daily Monster advances the story Last month, he noted that the Georgia Republican “builds a parallel record of blatantly false claims, many of which seem in no way like the truth.”

Making things a little worse is the fact that Walker has little to back down. For example, he has already made it clear that he knows. effectively nothing. about public affairs. Voters also learned about the allegations domestic violence and other dangerous personal behavior. He didn’t even tell the truth about educational background.

As for Walker’s recent political rhetoric, he tried to claim that he was a late Republican. John Lewis was a senator who will oppose John Lewis Voting Rights Promotion Act. Shortly after, Walker false claim The FDA has approved an unproven “dry fog” mystery cure for Covid-19. The Republican later said:totally unfair“To ask his opinion as he knows very little about the bipartisan infrastructure law.

In March, Walker suggested presence of monkeys questions evolutionary biology and the implications of in vitro fertilization. not working “Because there must be a God.” tried to talk about energy policy a month later and he offered little more than a broken word salad.

Georgia’s Senate primary election is today. Walker is expected to win easily.

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