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Internet Applauds Man Who Left ‘Useless’ Boss Jobless

Any unscrupulous boss out there should be afraid reddit‘sr/MaliciousCompliance forum. Filled with stories of employees taking revenge on exploitative managers, the subreddit is a warning to never underestimate your team.

For example, this former receptionist who took a sweet revenge on her boss, Post-it notes. or this retail workerHis hypocritical supervisor had to “eat his word” about longer lunches and overtime rules.

The latest business story that went viral on the forum features an extremely productive employee. In fact, they are so efficient that they automatically put their managers out of work.

In Message Posted on Sunday, u/lungbong shared how her “useless” boss was fired after putting her responsibilities on the wrong person.

He wrote: “I was a data and reporting analyst and did all the interim reports for the company.

“My boss, we’ll call him Kerry, was useless, he was one of those people who always stayed late, left early, and took a short time off.

“The only valuable thing he did was all the regular reports – sales, revenues etc. We suspected he was getting away with it because he had an affair with his boss, we’ll name him Stewart.”

However, it turns out that Redditor isn’t the only one fed up with Kerry’s behavior. The company CEO learned of Kerry and Stewart’s relationship after asking employees to share their cost-cutting ideas.

The poster continued: “Kerry was very keen to present ideas and encouraged us all to automate our tasks so she could try to take credit for the savings.

“Coincidentally, Stewart was ‘sick’ and the CEO was desperate for a sales report on one of those brisk days. I said I’d take a look and see if I could handle it.

“He would normally spend 2-3 days a week doing this, but the CEO asked for it that afternoon. A quick inspection of the data showed that this would be automated pretty easily, so I opened the necessary script and handed it to the CEO.

“[He] I was impressed not only that I finished it in a few hours, but that it could be updated when needed.

“He asked if I could also look at income, losses, and a few other reports. I automated everything my boss was doing that afternoon.”

When Kerry and Stewart returned to work the next day, they were immediately suspended before finally losing their jobs altogether.

“Looks like the CEO knew they were having a relationship and it was always so they could sneak out and have sex when they were sick or were running late or had to leave early.

“He didn’t do anything about it because of how important these reports were. Now that they’re automated, they’ve been suspended and then fired for gross misconduct.”

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, 800 million workers worldwide will automate their role by 2030.

An estimated 73 million of these people will live in the US, and by the end of the decade a third of the US workforce is expected to need new skills. Food production workers are particularly at risk, followed by construction and cleaning work. The International Federation of Robotics reported three million industrial robots operating worldwide in 2021, and this figure is expected to increase year-on-year.

earlier this year, tesla CEO elon musk announced its development plans. humanoid robot in 2022while in a restaurant Dallas and one Denny’s recently, it has turned to robot servers to help address its labor shortage.

The job post received 36,000 votes and more than 900 comments from Reddit users applauding the man’s creativity.

Bdidonna commented: “Thank you for automating and getting a well-deserved bonus.” WhatACunningHam said: “Justice is delicious.”

IsThatDaveByChance jokingly: “Get out of here or I’ll replace you with a very small shell script.”

News Week reached out to u/lungbong for comment.

Woman leaves busy office with luggage box. After months of work, a Redditor accidentally managed to fire his boss after proving that his job could be automated.
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