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Cat’s Unique Tail Bandages Captivated The Internet With Adorable Videos

A one-year-old cat named Fern has caught the attention of the internet with her unique tail bandages that look like a mermaid’s tail, carrot, and even a traffic cone.

Fern, a brown, white and orange cat, has her own social media presence that she shares with her sister Maple. Open Instagramtheir arm @maplexfernand both cats are one year old from Canada.

A clip that has been liked 861,000 times since it was shared on May 15 showcased the numerous bandages Fern wore during the 10 days she had to wait to get the stitches after an accident.

brown and white ca
A cat’s unique tail bandages are fascinating on the internet. Here is a brown and white cat lying on the pillow.

It all started when her owners, both veterinarians, noticed drops of blood around the house and found that Fern had injured herself.

They gave him painkillers and antibiotics came after a trip to my dad’s clinic. Apparently, Fern’s tail got caught in the door and “degloved”, revealing the bone underneath, according to @maplexfern. Instagram story. As a result, the tip of the tail had to be surgically removed for it to heal properly.

According to this statisticianThe average cost of veterinary care and vaccinations for cats was an average of $125 in 2020. For dogs, the cost was higher at $241.

The procedure was successful, and Fern was “very tolerant” of the bandages, so her family continued to use them until the stitches were ready to be removed.

The caption, “Being positive and creative during this ordeal,” was added to the post. “What was your favorite bandage theme?”

… the surgical site has now healed and we are waiting for the discharge to come back.


More information was also added: “We held the bandage until the sutures were ready to be removed! The surgical site is now healed and we are waiting for the hair to regrow.”

10 Day Queue

The first bandage was a long blue mermaid tail that Fern wrapped around her as she stared at the camera in the first cut.

Next up, the cat’s tail was shaped to resemble a flower, wrapped in a dark green band with a red and yellow flower hanging from its tip. There was even a small side leaf. Fern looked down at the camera. His sister cat, Maple, played with the flower at the tip of Fern’s tail.

Most cats/dogs try to attract [the bandages] or chew, this could pose a hazard/make things worse. This decision was made entirely based on how you reacted to him and to make his recovery as less stressful as possible.


Of course, the Canadian flag had to be represented, and Fern got scratches while standing upright with his tail in the air, wrapped in a light blue bandage the length of which and finally waving a Canadian flag.

On the fourth day, he wrapped his tail with light green tape and put a dark green tape on it in the shape of a scallions. It leaped up on its hind legs and approached the camera before it was presented the next day.

On the fifth day, Fern stared out the window with a straight green tail resembling a snake with yellow eyes and a red tongue.

The sixth day showed Fern turning its tail into a carrot by wrapping its tail with a bright orange band of green leaves.

The next day, the cat was half-banana with a yellow bandage that looked like a half-peeled banana from the tip of its tail, but Fern didn’t seem to mind.

On the eighth day, Fern had a thick band of caterpillars of various colors. It was yellow with green and red patterns.

On the ninth day, he became a warning to others with his traffic cone-style tail.

On the last day, Fern’s tail looked like a yellow bandaged pencil with a red tip for an eraser.

Most pets do not tolerate this and this should not be done ‘just for fun’.


According to Fern’s Instagram Story: “Most cats/dogs, [the bandages] or chew, this could pose a hazard/make things worse. This decision was made entirely based on how you reacted to it and making her recovery as less stressful as possible.” They also added: “Most pets don’t tolerate this and this shouldn’t be done ‘just for fun’.”

The materials used for the bandages were purchased from Fern’s parents’ veterinary clinic, and the stitches were removed 10 to 12 days later, which is when they decided to keep the bandages closed. Although the cat had to use a cone to keep it from licking or chewing its tail, it was eventually reduced to a donut-like device.

Fern’s cut has fully healed and he’s even showing active fur growth on his tail, which is good news.

internet fascination

Numerous viewers have weighed in on Fern’s unique bandages, and people just can’t seem to get enough of it. “I’ve watched this video close to 50 times,” said one Instagram user. “Your favorite thing on the Internet.”

Many people wished Fern well after her surgery. “One of the best cat videos,” said one viewer. “Bravo! Besides, I hope your cat is doing better.”

This is very funny. Banana is my favourite. Or a traffic cone.

Instagram comment

People seemed to really appreciate the creativity that went into the bandages. “This is so cute!” Written by a user. “Love them all, flower must be my favourite!”

Another viewer called it “very creative” and said, “Oh, that’s funny. Banana is my favourite. Or a traffic cone.”

Other comments of appreciation included “Videos like this are real therapy”, “This is so cute” and “I know your cat is living the dream”.

Some people also focused on specific bandages as their favourites, and opinions were all over the place. “The onion and the traffic cone drove me to death,” said one Instagram user. “These are all great!”

News Week reached out to Instagram user @maplexfern for comment.

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